Tender Details Start Date End Date
Enquiry for Pole Foundation on the institute 25-05-2023 07-06-2023
Enquiry for supply of Round file rackl (3Tier) Three Tower System at SVNIT, Surat 23-05-2023 05-06-2023
Tender for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training of OIM EBSD software at SVNIT, Surat 16-05-2023 -
Gardening work tender notice for Hiring Tractor Services for Gardening Work at SVNIT, Surat 11-05-2023 30-05-2023
Gardening work tender notice for Auction of Firewood and the Branches in SVNIT Surat 11-05-2023 29-05-2023
Enquiry for Providing Modified class 'A' pan Evaporimeter made with 1 mm stainless steel in water resources Engineering Laboratory at Department of Civil Engineering, SVNIT, Surat 08-05-2023 31-05-2023
Tender for CCTV camera at Department of Electrical Engineering, SVNIT 03-05-2023 26-05-2023
Tender for Construction of Granite Platform in Room No. 003 in Department of Physics in SVNIT, Surat | Corrigendum 28-04-2023 24-05-2023
Tender for Damaged Mosquito Net in Aluminium Windows and Damaged Cylindrical Door Locks Replacement work at SVP Bhavan Guest House in Various Rooms at SVNIT Campus, Surat. |Corrigendum 26-04-2023 29-05-2023
Tender for Plastic Paint Colour work on Walls of Small Conference Room No.3 and Small Dining Hall in SVP Bhavan Guest House at SVNIT Campus, Surat. | Corrigendum 26-04-2023 29-05-2023
Tender for Empanelment for providing Pharmacy Services at SVNIT, Surat | Corrigendum 26-04-2023 23-05-2023
Tender Notice for Replacement work of 10th floor to Ground floor Balconies Drain Pipe Lines and Water Proofing work in Toilet Block in B-401 in New Staff Quarters (B-Tower) at SVNIT Campus, Surat | Corrigendum| Corrigendum2 18-04-2023 24-05-2023
Civil work Tender for Damaged Plumbing Accessories Replacement work in Toilet Blocks of Department of New Electronics Engineering (G+4) at SVNIT Campus Surat. | Corrigendum | Corrigendum 2 13-04-2023 29-05-2023
Civil work Tender for Damaged Drainage Line Replacement work Behind Sarabhai Bhavan Hostel in SVNIT Campus, Surat. | Corrigendum | Corrigendum 2 13-04-2023 29-05-2023