About Us
• Established in 1961, The Department of Mechanical engineering offers Undergraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering, five Post Graduate courses and also has facilities for research work leading to a Doctorate degree.

• Both undergraduate courses are accredited by National Board of Accreditation for five years. All eligible post graduate courses are also accredited.

• It is today one of the premier Departments of not only this college but in entire western zone of the country. The Department has built up a comprehensive research infra structure with top-notch facilities for carrying cutting-edge teaching and research.

• Mechanical Engineering is the most sought branch in the state of Gujarat. The Department has an opportunity to play a major role in providing the Engineers with good academic background. Departmental setup encourages students to take up various research assignments. Our students are proving to be better engineers not only in industries but also in the field of research.

• This Department has 42 experienced faculty members, out of which 19 faculty members has a doctorate degree. The Department has over a dozen laboratories with sophisticated equipments like Wind Tunnels, C.N.C. Machines, etc..

• The course was designed keeping in view industrial and research needs. Flexibility in curriculum is provided through Electives, Seminars and Projects. Induction of new courses from time to time enables the students to keep abreast of recent technological development.

• The Department has always strived for excellence and receives grants to modernise its laboratories. The department conducts active research and has had several breakthroughs. It also provides services to local industries.

• Every year, students undergo in-plant training and industry sponsored projects. The students, with their innovative ideas presents technical papers at National level Symposiums and is successful in whatever fields they selected.

• The Department is showing good progress in the Training and Placement with the record of near 100% placement of eligible students of under graduate course. After completing the bachelor degree, many Engineers pursue higher studies either in technical or management field in India or abroad.