Electronic System Design Laboratory

About Lab:

This laboratory is intended for performing laboratory exercises for subjects like Analog Integrated circuit (AIC), Electronics System Design (ESD), Power Electronics of the Third year and Forth year students. It is well equipped with the sufficient numbers of Digital storage oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Power Supplies, Multimeters , Component Development System Trainers, Microcontroller Kits with peripherals, Universal IC Tester, Universal programmer, Soldering Stations, Electric PCB Drill Machine etc.



Lab Incharge:

Prof. J.N. Sarvaiya Contact No:+91-261-2201734

Lab Co-Incharge:

Prof. K. P. Upla Contact No:+91-261-2201726

Lab Assistant:

Mr. Kapil Umrigar Contact No:+91-261-2201750/+91-261-2201751


Subject being Covered:

      • - Power Electronics EC(304)
      • - RF & Microwave Engineering ( EC 402)
      • - Analog Integrated Circuit (EC 305)
      • - Electronics System Design( EC411)
      • - Electromagnetic Waves Radiating Pattern (EC 307)

Research Facilities:

  • DSP Starter kit TMS 320C6711 with Code Composer Studio Development Tools.
  • DSP Starter kit TMS 320C6713 with Code Composer Studio Development Tools.
  • Digital Video Development PlatformĂ‚ ( TMS320DM6437 )
  • PLC Trainer

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Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (Tektronix)
  • Function Generators (AP Lab)
  • Digital Multimeters (MECO)
  • Universal Development System for PIC, 8051 & ARM
  • Arbitary Function Generator
  • Universal Programmer
  • Digit Precision Multimeter

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