Electronic Devices & Circuits(EDC) Lab

About Lab:

This laboratory is intended for performing laboratory exercises and the mini projects for subjects like Basics of Electronics Engineering, Electronic Devices & Circuits and Electronic Circuits of the first year and second year under graduate students. It is well equipped with the sufficient numbers of digital storage oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, multimeters and electronic devices and circuits trainer boards and kits with peripherals.



Lab Incharge:

Prof. A. H. Lalluwadia Contact No: +91-261-2201740

Lab Co-Incharge:

Prof. A. S. Mandloi Contact No: +91-261-2201735

Lab Assistant:

  Contact No: +91-261-2201759


Subject being Covered:

      • - Basics of Electronics Engineering (B. Tech. I 1st & 2nd Semester-ECE107)
      • - Electronic Devices & Circuits (B. Tech. II (EC) 3rd Semester-EC 201)
      • - Electronic Circuits (B. Tech. II (EC) 4th Semester-EC 202)
      • - Electronic-I (B. Tech. II (EE) 3rd Semester-EC 209)
      • - Electronic-II (B. Tech. II (EE) 4th Semester-EC XXX)

Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (Tektronix)
  • Function Generators (Scientech)
  • Multimeters (Fluek)
  • Multi output Power Supplies
  • Passive Components (R, L, C, Diode) Boards
  • Active Components (Transistors) Â Boards
  • Kits for characterization of BJT, FET, Diode, SCR, UJT, LDR etc.
  • Two Stage RC Coupled Amplifier, Class B Push pull Amplifier, Current Series Negative Feedback Amplifier & Voltage-Shunt Negative Feedback Amplifier.
  • Phase Shift Oscillator, Colpits Oscillator, Hartly Oscillator, LC Oscillator using BJT and FET
  • Half wave, Full wave and Bridge Rectifier.

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