Digital & Microprocessor Lab

About Lab:

This laboratory is intended for performing laboratory exercises for subjects like Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Embedded Systems. It is equipped with Digital Electronics Trainer Boards, Embedded System Kits with peripherals. It has support for doing UG/PG projects based on Embedded Systems. Digital Laboratory is also equipped with Linux based Application/Domain Server for Laboratories users working on UG/PG Projects.

With addition of new PG program in VLSI & Embedded systems, laboratory is now equipped with TI OMAP based Dev8000 kit, TI MSP430 based kits (donated under Texas Instruments University Program), pSOC 1/3/5 based kits (under Cypress Semiconductor University Alliance). Freescale Semiconductors has donated various kits to setup "Freescale Sponsored Lab @ SVNIT".

Recently, ARM has donated Freescale KL25Z freedom boards with supporting tool suite of with Keil uVision 5.



Lab Incharge:

Prof. P. J. Engineer Contact No:+91-261-2201738

Lab Co-Incharge:

Prof. Mehul Patel Contact No:+91-261-2201749

Lab Assistant:

  Contact No:+91-261-2201757/+91-261-2201758


Subject being Covered:

      • - Digital Logic Design (EC 203)
      • - Microprocessor & Peripheral Interfacing (EC 204)
      • - Embedded Systems (UG) (EC 306)
      • - Embedded Systems (PG) (EC 613)
      • - Real Time System (PG) (EC 614)

Research Facilities:

  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC boards
  • Spartan 6 based Video Processing Kit
  • Xilinx ML 509 board (XUPV5-LX110T)
  • NVIDIA Kepler K20 GPU ( for High Performance Computing)
  • NVIDIA GTX 480 GPU ( for High Performance Computing)
  • IBM Xeon Server equipped with Intel Many Core Suite (including Parallel Suite, MKL etc.)

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Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Freescale Kinetis ARM Cortex M4 Kits (part of Freescale Sponsored Lab)
  • TI OMAP + ARM based Dev 8000 Kit with peripherals (1 No.)
  • ARM 9 Kit (1 No.)
  • Dynalog Single Board Computer with WinCE & EmbeddedLinux (1 + 1)
  • MSP430 Evaluation Board (donted under Texas University Program)
  • Freescale KL25Z freedom boards (donated under ARM university program) with Keil uVision 5 licenses

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