Communication Systems Laboratory

About Lab:

This Laboratory is useful to understand the basic theories of Communication system. They are basically Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Wireless Communication/ Advanced Communication, Microwave and Optical Fibre Communication.




Lab Incharge:

Prof.(Ms.) J.N. Patel Contact No:+91-261-2201754

Lab Co-Incharge:

Prof.(Ms.) S.N. Shah Contact No:+91-261-2201749

Lab Assistant:

  Contact No:+91-261-2201755


Subject being Covered:

      • - Principal of Communication (EC 206)
      • - Communication System (EC208)
      • - Analog & Digital Communication (EC 301)
      • - Fiber Optics Communication (EC 308)
      • - Cellular Technology (EC 403)
      • - Advance Optical Communication System (EC 603)

Research Facilities:

  • Simulator for RF Microwave (Empire Excel, CAD FEKO, HFSS, IE3D)
  • Simulator for Fibre Optic ( Photonic CAD)
  • Software Define Radio

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Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Mobile Phone Trainer
  • GSM Trainer
  • Bluetooth Device
  • GPS System
  • Satellite communication Trainer

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