List of available experimental facilities
Hind-Hivac vacuum coating unit with 3 kW electron beam gun power supply.
DC Magnetron Sputtering System
Clemex Semi-Automatic Micro-hardness Testing System
Vacuum Ovens
Spin Coating Systems - 3 No.
Vacuum Annealing System
Optical Spectroscopy including Photoluminescence Measurements, UV-Vis absorption Measurements, and Surface Photovoltage Measurements
PXI based Source Measure Unit
PXI based 7 ½ digit DMM
List of computational/Software facilities available
30 branded DELL PC intel i7 are available in M.Sc Computer lab
3 Workstations
LabVIew Software (20 User Academic Licences)
VASP (Academic Licence)
Gaussian (Single User Academic Linux Licence)
CASINO Monte Carlo simulation software
Wolfram Mathematica (Single User Academic Licence)
MATLAB (Academic Licence purchased by the Institute)