About-Central Computer Centre

Central Computer Centre, one of the premium Central Learning Resource Centre of the Institute was established in 1995. It is the heart of computing resource of the institute as well as kernel of the internet connectivity of the institute. The Central Computer Centre (CCC) primarily caters to the Internet Access requirements throughout the institute as well as Campus-wide network connectivity throughout the campus (including academic & administration departments, hostels, staff quarters etc). User Account and Bandwidth are managed with the help of Cyberoam firewall. The institute has a Campus-wide fiber optic 10-gigabit network with High End Central Core switch at the Central Computer Centre. Distribution Core Switch are being utilized at primary distribution centre which caters approximate 1000 connections each. Such primary distribution centres are at Library, Gajjar Bhavan, Bhabha Bhavan, Mother Terasa Bhavan, Swami Vivekanand Bhavan etc. Almost the entire campus is covered by LAN.

Wireless connectivity has already been deployed at academic zone (all Departments, Labs, workshop, Central Computer Centre, Library), Hostels, Canteen etc. which is centrally controlled from Central Computer Centre. Users including Students and Staff members are provided individual login-ids to use the machines for e-mail, internet browsing & general purpose programming.

The institute is the participant of MHRD, Government of India NMEICT/NKN project through which connectivity of 1 Gbps (100 Mbps for connectivity and rest 900 Mbps is for e-content in future) is functioning. The internet access to the institute is also available from various vendors, who provides 128 Mbps internet bandwidth each amounting to a total of 768 Mbps. Thus total bandwidth of the Institute is amounting to a total of 868 Mbps.

Central Computer Centre provided services to Training and Placement section of the institute to conduct on-line test of campus recruitment process of UG, PG and M.Sc. Students of all the branches. Central Computer Centre provides internet and computing facilities for Major National & International Conferences. Centralized B.Tech. Admission (JEE) and Centralized M.Tech. Admission (All branches) (CCMT) are carried out by Central Computer Centre in co-ordination with Academic Section. Central Computer Centre has developed institute website and currently maintaining the website. Moreover Central Computer Centre manages institute mail server and provide e-mail services to all staff and students.

The Central Computer Centre manages Annual maintenance of campus wide computers, laptops, UPS and peripherals. Apart from taking care of the Campus network and Internet Access requirements of the Institute, the Central computer Centre also offers the well equipped computing facilities, locally in the form of five sub centres viz. Internet Access Lab 1 (60 Computers), Modern Cubical based Internet Access lab 2 (60 Computers), Programming Lab (45 Computes), Online Virtual Classroom (60 Computers), Research scholar room (32 Computers) meant for the B Tech, M tech and Ph.D students.

The Central Computer Centre has Blade Server with 14 TB of Storage space and 6 Blades on which variety of different purpose servers like WEB Server, Mail Server, DNS, NIS Server, FTP Server, DHCP Server, etc. are hosted. Most of the dialects of the operating systems, authorized copies of almost all the common shrink-wrapped software and various Engineering application softwares are housed in the laboratories. Superb computing facilities and the abundance of all types of latest softwares are added to the glamour and grandeur of this centre.

Central Computer Centre has become the prominent component of the institute, by facilitating computing and internet facilities in the institute campus. The Campus wide computer network controlled by the centre has become a backbone of the institute.

Facilities - Central Computer Centre

Sr. No. Specification and details Quantity
Server Room
1 Unified Threat & Bandwidth Management tool: Cyberoam CR2500iNG 4
2 Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) appliances 1
3 Cyberoam iView offers centralized logging and reporting of Cyberoam network security appliances, 1
4 High End Servers: IBM Blade server HS21 With Two Nos. of Processors 4
5 High End Servers: IBM Blade server HS21 With One Nos. of Processors 2
6 Chasis For High End Servers : Blade Chasis IBM Make Blade Centre H. 1
7 Fibre Storage : (a) IBM Make DS-4700 (b) IBM DS4700 Expansion Unit 1
Internet and Programming Lab 1 (Ground Floor)
8 HP ProDesk 600G3, Intel Core i7 7700, HDD 1 TB, RAM 8.0 GB, LCD 21.5", Windows 10 60
Internet and Programming Lab 2 (Ground Floor)
9 HP ProDesk 600G3, Intel Core i7 7700, 1 TB, RAM 8.0 GB, LCD 21.5", Windows 10 60
FCP Programming Lab(Ground Floor)
10 Dell Optiplex 380, Inter Core 2 Duo 2,93 GHz, HDD 500, RAM 4.0 GB, LCD 18.5", Windows Vista 45
Online Virtual Classroom
11 HP ProDesk 600G3, Intel Core i7 7700, 1 TB, RAM 8.0 GB, LCD 21.5", Windows 10 60
Research scholar room
12 Dell Optiplex 980 Intel Core i5 3.20 GHz,RAM 4 GB, HDD 500 GB,Windows 7 64 Bit, LCD 18.5" 32

Sr. No. Name of the Software Departmental Applicability Maximum Users
1 Microsoft Office 97 General Purpose Single
2 Visual C++ V5.0 General Purpose Single
3 Visual Basic V4.0 General Purpose Single
4 Visual Foxpro V5.0 General Purpose Single
5 Wordstar Professional V7.0 General Purpose Single
6 Turbo Pascal V7.0 General Purpose Single
7 Corel Draw V7.0 General Purpose Single
8 3D Studio MAX General Purpose Single
9 Novell Intranetware Computer Centre 25 & 100
10 Windows NT V4.0 Computer Centre 10
11 Eagle Point Software Civil Single
12 Prosurveyour Plus Civil Single
13 Stadd-III Civil, AMD Single
14 Stardyne Release 4.4 Civil, AMD Single
15 Autocad Release 13.0 Civil, AMD Single
16 Proengineer 18.0 MED Single
18 CA Openingres ECED 16
19 SCO Openserver Systems ECED 5
20 Labtech Control ECED, EED Single
21 Saber Mixed Signal Simulator ECED, EED, COED 5
22 Libsys Ver 3.1 Library Unlimited
23 Microsoft Office 2010 CCC 30 Users
24 Matlab CCC Unlimited
Staff- Central Computer Centre

Dr. Udai Pratap Rao

(I/c. C.C.C. & Assistant Professor)
Office No :- 2201768
Mail Id :- ic_ccc@svnit.ac.in

Dr. Balu L. Parne

(Additional I/c. C.C.C. & Assistant Professor)
Office No :- -
Mail Id :- add_ic_ccc@svnit.ac.in

Dr. Patij K. Shah

(System Administrator)
Office No :- 2201725
Mail Id :- pks@svnit.ac.in

Mr. Dilay Parmar

(Technical Officer)
Office No :- 2201724
Mail Id :- daparmar@ccc.svnit.ac.in

Name Office No. Email Address
Mr. Ramesh Solanki2201558ramesh@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Priyanka Cyclewala2201557priyanka@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Hetvi Patel2201723hetvi@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Ravi Mishraravi@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Ravina Patel2201723ravina@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Maulik Shah2201723maulik@ccc.svnit.ac.in
Mahesh Patel
Binod Selal