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Department Mission
To be a global centre of excellence in technical education and innovation producing competent professionals with integrity.

Department Vision
To be the leading department disseminating globally acceptable education, effective industrial consultancy and relevant research output.

Message from the Head of Department

The universality of Electrical Engineering discipline spans from theory, applications, technological development and finally its societal implications. The Electrical Engineering Department runs an undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering, two master programs in Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Power systems. The Department runs the Doctoral program in three major groups, Power Electronics and Electric Drives, Control and Instrumentation and Power Systems. In recent years, the Department has attracted sizable number of Research Scholars under different categories.

We pursue research in emerging topics as well established topics. The Department is actively engaged in executing research projects funded from the Department of Science and Technology, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research etc. The Department has generated revenues by providing testing and consultancy services to industrial clients as well. The Department sincerely looks for contributing to the technological development of the nation.

The Department provides Faculty-Student interactive environment with the intent of generating better ideas and setting new directions by discussions. We encourage students to spend greater time in the Department. We believe in teaching commitment as well as research excellence. In recent years, the Department has achieved substantial outreach activities by participating in the prestigious scientific activities in the country and abroad as well as organizing courses on emerging topics for dissemination of knowledge among younger generations.

The Department actively invites alumni inputs for making the Department better and adding new dimensions to our activities. The greater alumni interaction will add to the greater growth trajectory of the Department. We value your inputs and would be given full considerations.

Finally, we encourage associations of Aspirants, looking for the undergraduate and advanced learning, in the different academic program of the Department as well.


Dr. S. N. Sharma
Head, Electrical Engineering Department

The list of the HoDs of the Department
Sr. No. Name From To
1 Prof. A. M. DESAI 14-10-2002 04-11-2004
2 Prof. A. R. JARIWALA 05-11-2004 22-12-2008
3 Prof. (Mrs.) V. A. SHAH 23-12-2008 12-06-2011
4 Prof. M. N. BHUSAVALWALA 13-06-2011 07-10-2013
5 Dr. (Mrs.)A. CHOWDHARY 07-10-2013 07-10-2015
6 Dr. H. R. JARIWALA 07-10-2015 05-10-2017
7 Dr. S. N. SHARMA 05-10-2017 31-07-2018
8 Dr. D. P. VAKHARIA 01-08-2018 08-10-2018
9 Dr. S. N. SHARMA 09-10-2018 Till Date

Student Notice

Internship opportunities are available across the globe. Undergraduate students are encouraged to click the link and find their details. Visitors may send Emails at hod@eed.svnit.ac.in if they wish to add to the Institutions offering the Internship program for younger generation.

Internship for Students

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