Student Chapters Active At Computer Engineering Department
Association of Computing Machinary
Founded in 2005, the chapter has been a centre for various learning, fun, and productive activities. Be it coding challenges, hackathons, quizzes, or application development, the chapter has done its best.
The activities of the chapter are widely acknowledged in the institute and keenly looked for. Massive turnout at every event shows the range of popularity the chapter has.
The bar is being raised year after year. With announcement of Epiphany, CTF! in Quest, and other challenges as open-for-all contests, the chapter is aiming nationwide recognition.
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Google Developers Group
GDG NIT Surat is a student chapter or a group of like minded enthusiasts who will surely play a role to contribute to the developer ecosystem , using Google Technologies or in any other possible way. It is a platform where people can share,develop and put into action their ideas in the best possible manner. So be a part of the ecosystem. Contact: Visit official site of GDG, NIT Surat:
WebDev Labs
Pioneer in Web Infrastructure Improvement @ NIT Surat !
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