Sponsored Projects Undertaken By Computer Engineering Department
Sr. No. Title of the project Principal Investigator/ Co-Investigator
1 PI for DeitY research project on Collaborative Data Processing and Resource Optimization for Post Disaster Management and Surveillance using Internet of Things sponsored by the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, vide Administrative Approval No. 13(4)/2016-CC&BT dated 18 July 2016, received on 25 July 2016 for a duration of three years (Rs. 65 lacs) Mukesh A. Zaveri
2 Co-PI for Indian Digital Heritage (IDH) -Hampi DST sponsored project on Immersive Navigation for Walk through Application, Research project proposed jointly by DAIICT, Gadhinagar and SVNIT, Surat, 18 January 2011- 31 July 2016 (Rs. 37.6 lacs) DST No. F.No. NRDMS/11/1586/2009/Phase-II (Project No:23) Prof. Manjunath Joshi(DAIICT) , Mukesh A. Zaveri , Dr. Hemant Patil(DAIICT)
3 Coordinator for Intel Multi Core University Program - (10 Intel Core 2 Duo Processors - Dell PCs of worth Rs. 5 lakhs donated by Intel), 2008 Mukesh A. Zaveri
4 Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA II Project) funded by DIT, GoI, 2015 - 2019. Budget Outlay : Rs. 1.85 Crores Prof. D.R.Patel , Prof. D.C. Jinwala
5 Investigating Anti-Replay Algorithms for Link Layer Security Architecture in Wireless Sensor Networks, GUJCOST, 2013-14 Prof. D.C.Jinwala Mrs. S.J.Patel
6 A Secure Data Aggregation System and an intrussion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks, DIT Project 2011-12 Prof. D.C.Jinwala Mrs. S.J.Patel
7 IDH Hampi Project: Immersive Navigation for Walk Though Application, DST India Prof. Manjunath Joshi (DAIICT) M.A.Zaveri
8 Design and Implementation of Security Attributes Driven Energy Efficient Link Layer Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2009-2012 Prof. D. C. Jinwala
9 Information Security Education and Awareness Programme (ISEA Project) funded by MCIT/DIT, GoI, 2005 - 2013. Budget Outlay : Rs 42.37 lacs Prof. D. R. Patel
10 Modernization & Up-gradation of Computing facilities in Junior Programming Lab. Ms. R. G. Mehta
11 Modernization of Microprocessor & Interfacing Laboratory. Mr. R. P. Gohil
12 Modernization of Computing & Networking Facilities in Computer Lab. Prof. D. R. Patel
13 Upgradation of Computer & Networking Facilities in Computer Lab. Prof. D. R. Patel
14 Project grant under the scheme Thrust areas of Technical Education for Development of Computer Aided Software Engg. Centre. Prof. D.C. Jinwala
15 Embedded Web server Project by GUJCOST, GandhiNagar in Academic Year 2003-04 Prof. D.R.Patel