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List of Scholars who have completed PhD in Computer Engineering Deaprtment
Sr. No. Name of Student Research Area Guide Completion Date
1 Deveshkumar C. Jinwala Flexisec: A Configurable Link Layer Security Architecture for WSN Dhiren R. Patel , Dr.K.S.Dasgupta (ISRO Ahmedabad) Aug 2009
2 Shah Deven Navinchandra Design and Validation of Security Framework for Global Service Oriented Architecture. Dhiren R. Patel May 2010
3 Zaveri Tanish H. Hybrid Multiresolution Based Multimodality Image Fusion Algorithms. Mukesh A. Zaveri Oct 2010
4 Jayaswal Deepak J. Optimal Search Algorithms for Motion Estimation Mukesh A. Zaveri Dec 2010
5 Zia Saquib Security Framework for SCADA Communication for Power System Protection Dhiren R Patel Jun 2012
6 Patel Narendra M. 3D facial modeling and expression synthesis from single view face image Mukesh A. Zaveri Sep 2012
7 Patil Shilaja C. Statistical technique for localization and lost target recovery in wireless sensor networ Mukesh A. Zaveri Apr 2013
8 Mayuri Amit Mehta A novel framework for dynamic load balancing in heterogeneous distributed systems using hybrid approaches Devesh C Jinwala Aug 2013
9 Patel Hirenkumar B. Data storage security model for cloud computing Dhiren R. Patel Jan 2014
10 Udai Pratap Rao Security approaches for protection of database from malicious transactions Dhiren R. Patel Feb 2014
11 Ujalla Gawande Multi-Biometric based Recognition using feature level fusion of fingerprint and IRIS Modalities. Mukesh A Zaveri, Dr. Avichal Kapur Apr 2014
12 Kavita R Singh Illumination and pose Invariant face recognition using rough set theory. Mukesh A Zaveri, Dr. Mukesh Raghuwanshi Apr 2014
13 Modi Chirag N. Hybrid-Network Intrusion detection system (H-NIDS) in cloud computing Dhiren R. Patel Jul 2014
14 Vivaksha J. Jariwala A Novel Framework for Integrity and Privacy Preserving Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Devesh C Jinwala Sep 2014
15 Doshi Nishant P. Investigating Approaches for Improving the Cliphertext Policy Attribute Based Encryption. Devesh C Jinwala Sep 2014
16 Rana Keyur Maheshkumar Optimal cluster head selection and routing algorithm to improve lifetime of wireless sensor networks Mukesh A. Zaveri Nov 2014
17 Dalal Mita K. Classification of block text and product review using semi-supervised learning algorithms Mukesh A. Zaveri Feb 2015
18 Sankita J Patel Investigating approaches for privacy preserving Distributed K-means clustering in semi-honest and malicious adversary model Devesh C Jinwala Jun 2015
19 Nirali R Nanavati Investigating privacy preserving approaches for collaborative association rule mining. Devesh C Jinwala Jun 2015
20 Phalanikar Rashami R A framework for analysis of complex user requirements using aspect oriented use case method and Graph Theory Devesh C Jinwala Jul 2015
21 Mehta Rupa Gautam Decision Tree Algorithms for concept drifted data stream. N.J.Mistry (Civil Dept, SVNIT) , M.M.Raghuwanshi (Nagpur) Dec 2015
22 Rana Dipti P Temporal association rule based model for weather association. N.J.Mistry (Civil Dept, SVNIT) , M.M.Raghuwanshi (Nagpur) Dec 2015
23 Parmar Keyur Jivanlal Secure In-Network Processing of encrypted data in Wireless Sensor Networks. Devesh C Jinwala May 2016
24 Baladhare Pawan R Investigating anonymization based Clustering approaches for Privacy Preserving Data Mining using Bio-inspired Optimization Techniques Devesh C Jinwala Jul 2016
25 Reema Patel Symmetry Reduction Techniques for Fully and Partially Symmetric Probabilistic Models. Dhiren R Patel Jul 2016
26 Choksi Ami T Investigating Approaches for efficient Resource Discovery in the Semantic Web. Devesh C Jinwala Jul 2016
27 Patel Hasmukhbhai Babubhai Modelling Analysis and Mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks. Devesh C Jinwala Sep 2016
28 Bhavesh Borisaniya Design and Implementation of Virtual Machine Introspection based Security Framework for Cloud. Dhiren R Patel Sep 2016