Distinguished Talks Delivered At Computer Engineering Department
Sr. No. Name of Resource Person Designation Title of Lecture Date of Lecture
1 Dr. Sanjay Chaudhari Professor and Associate Dean (IET), Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahmedabad University Enabling Application Development for the Internt of Things Mar 2016
2 Dr. Asim Banerjee Associate Professor, DA-IICT Research Methodology Mar 2016
3 Dr. Deven Shah Chairman, Board of Studies in Information Technology, University of Mumbai Net Filters Mar 2016
4 Dr. Ramakrishna Thirumella Professor & Chair, University of Denver Foundational Issues of Information Security through Puzzles Mar 2016
5 Dr. Abhishek Kundu Research Scientist, Xerox Research Center India Data Science Mar 2016
6 Mr. Pankaj Bhatt Engineering Manager - Advance Technology Solutions, Wipro Big Data and Interaction about possible research Collaborations Mar 2016
7 Dr. Rushi Bhatt Senior Manager, LinkedIn Emerging Technologies in the field of Data Mining Oct 2015
8 Mr. Sudipta Chatterjee Technical Consultant, Google US MS Admisions Sep 2015
9 Dr. Aman Chokhawala Founder & CTO, Reflektion Machine Learning Aug 2015
10 Mr. Rajeshwar Singh Sr. Design Engineer, New Delhi Wireless Sensor Network Jun 2015
11 Mr. Aman Varma Adobe India High Performance Computing and CUDA Programming Nov 2014
12 Dr. Manoj M. Gore MNNIT, Allahabad Ethics and Cybernetics Sep 2014
13 Dr. R. Venkateswaran M2M Communication : Future Trends in Networking, Internet of Things Apr 2014
14 Prof. R. Thurimella University of Denver, CO, USA Inferring Trip Destinations from Driving Habits Data Mar 2014
15 Prof. M. Rajarajan City University, London Identity Management in Cloud Mar 2014
16 Prof. Audung Josang Oslo University, Norway User Centric Identity Management Mar 2014
17 Prof. Hiroaki Kikuchi Maiji University, Tokyo, Japan Privacy Preserving in Data Mining and its Application in Epidemic Study Mar 2014
18 Prof. Audung Josang Oslo University, Norway Trust Management Principles and Challenges Mar 2014
19 Dr. Simon Modi Accenture Labs, USA Augmenting Security Operations using Security Analytics Jan 2014
20 Dr. Swapan Bhattacharya Director,NIT ,Surathkal Traceability of Requirements in Software Evolution: From the Perspective of Testing Jan 2014
21 Mr. Snehal Jariwala Intel Labs, USA High Speed Interchip Communication Evolution- Current Trends and Future Jan 2014
22 Mr. Subrata Ghorai GM & Principal, BSNL, Ahmedabad Introduction to communication & Internet Access Aug 2013
23 Dr. Subhlaxmi Kher EED, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, USA Distributed Dynamic Clustering Algorithm in Randomly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks Jul 2013
24 Prof. Sunil Kumar SDSU, USA Research Direction in Video Compression and Wireless Transmission. Jul 2013
25 Dr. M. M. Gore Professor & Dean, MNNIT, Allahabad Middleware Design in Wireless Sensor Network May 2013
26 Dr. Hemant Kumar Rath Scientist, TCS Network Lab, Bangalore Mobile Network Planning & Optimization Apr 2013
27 Dr. M. Raja Rajan City Uni., London, UK. Security Research : European Landscape Mar 2013
28 Mr. Kevin Patel CSA, IISC, Banglore Provable Security II Jan 2013
29 Dr. Rushi Bhatt Research Scientist, Amazon India Machine Learning Classification Jan 2013
30 Mr. Kevin Patel CSA, IISC, Banglore Hands on NLTK (ACM Chapter) Jan 2013
31 Mr. Kevin Patel CSA, IISC, Banglore WEP Security Analysis Jan 2013
32 Mr. Kevin Patel CSA, IISC, Banglore Introduction to NLP & Technologies (ACM Chapter) Jan 2013
33 Mr. Kevin Patel CSA, IISC, Banglore Provable Security Jan 2013
34 Dr. P. S. Deshpande Asso. Professor, VNIT, Nagpur Multidimensional Data Modeling Dec 2012
35 Dr. Rekha Bachwani Research Scientist, Intel Corporation, Oregon, USA. Preventing of Diagnosing Software up grade Failures Nov 2012
36 Prof. Manik Lal Das Professor, DA-IICT, Gandhinagar Security and Privacy Issues of Internet of Things Application Nov 2012
37 Prof. Umesh A. Deshpande VNIT, Nagpur Search Technique for Problem Solving in Artificial Intelligence Oct 2012
38 Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi IIT Kanpur Teaching Learning Process Aug 2012
39 Rajat Moona DG-CDAC, Prof. IIT Kanpur transCryptFS: A Trusted and Secure File System May 2012
40 Sundeep Oberoi TCS Operational Challenges in deploying Trust Management Systems - A practical perspective May 2012
41 Audun Josang University of Oslo, Norway Robustness of Trust and Reputation Systems: Does it Matter? May 2012
42 Theo Dimitrakos British Telecom, UK A perspective on the evolution of the international Trust Management research community in the last decade May 2012
43 Mr. M. J. Mombasawala Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Latest Trends in Optical Communication Nov 2011
44 Mr. M. J. Mombasawala Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Network Routing Protocols and Quality Issues in Triple Play Services Nov 2011
45 Prof. Thomas Armstrong Wheaton University, Boston,USA Possible Joint Research Interaction Oct 2011
46 Prof. Narendra Chaudhari IIT,Indore Polynomial Solvability of 3SAT Dec 2010
47 Prof. Laxminarayan Pilutala DA-IICT, Gandhinagar Wireless Telemedicine using Body Area Sensor Networks Mar 2010
48 Mr. Harish Patel USA Multiple Dimensions of IT Feb 2010
49 Prof. Kishore Kothapalli IIT Hyderabad A Primer on Parallel Algorithms Jan 2010
50 Prof V. D. Pathak M. S. University, Baroda Introduction to NP Theory Jan 2010
51 Prof. K. V. Iyer NIT, Tiruchirapally Approximation Algorithms Jan 2010
52 Prof. M. Balasubramanian Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai Mathematical Foundations of Cryptology Aug 2009
53 Prof. K Srinathan IIIT, Hyderabad Secure Distributed Computing and Applications Aug 2009
54 Prof. G Sivakumar IIT Bombay Security And Trust in Group Communication Aug 2009
55 Prof. Anish Mathuria DA-IICT, Gandhinagar Generating & Verifying Security Protocols Automatically: Experiments and Their Implications for Autonomic Framework Aug 2009
56 Prof. Bimal Roy ISI Kolkata Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks Aug 2009
57 Prof. Debdeep Mukhopadhyay IIT, Kharagpur Fault Based Attacks against AES Rijndael Aug 2009
58 Dr. Dhiren Patel IIT, Gandhinagar Cryptology: Moving Forward Aug 2009
59 Dr. Dipanwita Roy Choudhary IIT, Kharagpur Power Analysis Attacks on Block Ciphers Aug 2009
60 Dr. Lalit Kumar Awasthi NIT, Hamirpur. Routing Protocol for MANET Feb 2009
61 Dr. Manoj Gaur NIT Jaipur Network Security Jan 2009
62 Mr. Ch A Murty C-DAC Hyderabad Security Awareness - Children to Grandparents Jan 2009
63 Dr. Siva Kumar IIT Mumbai Systems Security and Secret Sharing Jan 2009
64 Mr. Deval Mehta ISRO, Ahmedabad Security in Navigational Systems Jan 2009
65 Dr.Maniklal Das DA-IICT, Gandhinagar Authentication Protocols Jan 2009
66 Deven Shah SPIT, Mumbai Linux Security Jan 2009
67 Dr. S. Patnaik SVNIT, Surat Soft Computing in Signal Processing Jan 2009
68 Dr. Rajat K. De ISI Kolkata Bioinformatics using clustering /machine learning techniques Jan 2009
69 Dr. Simon Modi Purdue University, USA. Biometric Authentication Jan 2009
70 Prof. Manjunath Joshi DA-IICT, Gadhinagar. Super resolution using parametric method Dec 2008
71 Prof. C. A. Murthy ISI, Kolkata Pattern Recognition. Dec 2008
72 Dr. R. A. Christian CED, SVNIT, Surat. Fuzzy Logic and its Application Dec 2008
73 Dr. Alok Kanti Deb IIT Kharagpur Aspects of Learning Theory Dec 2008
74 Dr. Somayajulu NIT, Warangal. Overview of Business Intelligence Sep 2008
75 Dr. S. N. Merchant IIT Bombay Multiple Hypothesis Testing and Digital Water Marking Jul 2008
76 Mr. Devang Pandya UVPCE, Mehsana. Feature Extraction for Content Based Retrieval Jul 2008
77 Dr. S. Patnaik ECED, SVNIT, Surat Wavelet Transform. Jul 2008
78 Dr. Sumantra Dutta Roy IIT Delhi Motion Segmentation and Tracking Jul 2008
79 Dr. Sumantra Dutta Roy IIT Delhi Feature Extraction Jul 2008
80 Harshad Parekh Hewlett Packard, USA. Operating System Design. Jul 2008
81 Shailesh Gandhi Associate Professor,IIM Ahmedanbad Building Competitiveness in an Inter-connected world: Role of Information Technology in the financial service sector. Sep 2007
82 Dr. Paritosh Pandya TIFR, Mumbai Intelligent Music Processing and Indian Music. Mar 2007
83 Dr. Ernst L Leiss University of Houston, Texas, USA Proteching Digital Content Aug 2006
84 Atenendu Sekhar Group Central Electronics Engg. Research Institute, Pilani. Grid National Centers for Perception Engg. and Design of an Embedded processor for Smart Cemera Application Jun 2006
85 Mombasawala Mohmed Saeed Consultant in Agilent Technologies Next Generation Networks Mar 2006
86 Prof. Subramanyam IISc Bangalore Software Engineering- Industry Best Practices Feb 2006
87 Atul Patel USA Open Source Tools for Software Development. Jan 2006
88 Prof. Sumantra Dutta IIT Bombay General Interaction Dec 2004
89 Rahul Ghali/ Sanjay Mitrogotri Technical Evangelist at Education & Research dept./ Group Project manager from Infosys Pune. Infosys Seminar- Campus connect(For Faculties and students) Sep 2004
90 Prof. Subhasis Chaudhary IIT Bombay General Discussion Apr 2004
91 Dr. Rushi Bhatt Department of Cognitive & Neural Systems, Boston University, MA, USA Computational Neuro-modelling & its applications to Computer Vision. Apr 2003
92 Dr. Mohan Trivedi Director, Computer Vision & Robotics Research Lab, University of California, San Diego, USA. High speed machine vision for object tracking & recognition, Intelligent Mobile Robotic systems. Dec 2002