Recent Publications
1. Deobrat Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Yogesh Sonvane and Igor Lukačević, Antimonene: a monolayer material for ultraviolet optic nanodevices, Journal of Materials applied_physicsistry C, Accepted (2016) [pdf]
2. Vipin Kumar, Majeed Shaikh, Debesh R. Roy, 2D and bulk h-MgSe materials from MgmSen (m, n=1–3) clusters: Density functional investigation, Journal of Alloys and Compounds- Accepted (2016) [pdf]
3. Kirit Siddhapara, Dimple Shah, Study of photocatalytic activity and magnetic properties of Co, Mn metal ions doped nanocrystalline TiO2 prepared by Sol–Gel method, Journal of Crystal Growth, Manuscript Accepted (2016) [pdf]
4. Hozefa Tinwalaa, Patij Shah, Kirit Siddhapara, Dimple Shah, Jyoti Menghani, Investigation of ionic conductivity of lanthanum cerium oxide nano crystalline powder synthesized by co precipitation method, Journal of Crystal Growth, Manuscript Accepted (2016) [pdf]
5. DP Rathaud, AK Rai, Mass spectra of dimesonic states in light flavour sector, Indian Journal of Physics, Accepted (2016) [pdf]
6. Bhagwati Prasad Bahuguna, L. K. Saini, Brajesh Tiwari and R. O. Sharma, Electric field induced insulator to metal transition in a buckled GaAs monolayer, RSC Advances, 6, 52920 (2016). [pdf]
7. Deobrat Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Igor Lukačević and Yogesh Sonvane, Indiene 2D Monolayer: a New Nanoelectronic Material, RSC Advances, 6, 8006 (2016). [pdf]
8. K Patel, V Kheraj, DV Shah, CJ Panchal, NG Dhere, Cu2ZnSnS4 thin-films grown by dip-coating: Effects of annealing, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 663, 842-847 (2016) [pdf]
9. AK Rai, DP Rathaud, The mass spectra and decay properties of dimesonic states, using the Hellmann potential, The European Physical Journal C, 75 (9), 1-11 (2015) [pdf]
10. SJ Patel, V Kheraj, Optimization of the genetic operators and algorithm parameters for the design of a multilayer anti-reflection coating using the genetic algorithm, Optics & Laser Technology 70, 94-99 (2015) [pdf]
11. SP Karia, NC Patel, KN Pathak, Comparison of GPS based TEC measurements with the IRI-2012 model for the period of low to moderate solar activity (2009–2012) at the crest of equatorial anomaly in Indian region, Advances in Space Research 55 (8), 1965-1975 (2015) [pdf]
12. KS Yadav, SP Karia, KN Pathak, Removal of solar radiation effect based on nonlinear data processing technique for Seismo-Ionospheric, Anomaly before few earthquakes, Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk, 7, 1147-1161 (2015) [pdf]
13. V Kumar, EV Shah, DR Roy, DFT investigation on A4B4 (A= Cu, Ag; B= As, Sn) metal–semiconductor alloy clusters for potential nanomaterials, Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 68, 224-231 (2015) [pdf]