Name Title Of Dissertation
Parthkumar Rathod(P17CO003) Assisted Global Navigation Satellite System
Sharma Himanshu Jagdish (P17CO006) Angular 2 with REST Integration In Existing Ericsson Next Generation Voucher Server.
Shivangi Shukla (P16CO002) A Novel Context-Aware Adaptive Model for Location Privacy in Internet of Things
Bhavna Verma(P16CO014) Development of Simulation Model of Memory Management Unit and Simulation Automation Framework for an Intel IP
Shah Nishtha Jayeshkumar (P15CO001) Clinical Data Analytics
Dontula Amrutha Lakshmi (P15CO005) Optimizing and Enhancing the Test Automation Solution of Intel Mobile Platforms
Ami N. Golwala (P15CO012) Automatic and Dynamic Verification of Intel Display Pipeline Power Saving Technology
Slesha S. Sanghvi (P14CO001) Investigating Privacy Preserving Technique for Genome Data
Durgesh Waghmare (P14CO016) Andriod Display Validation
Ashutosh H. Kulkarni (P13CO007) Memory Power Management for INTEL Xeon-D servers
Patel Kushal D. (P13CO017) Investigating Approaches for Privacy Preserving Traffic Surveillance
Urvi Raj Narang (P12CO007) An Application of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme to Privacy Preserving Multi-party Clustering
Diganta Bordoloi (P12CO014) A Tabular Approach To Analyze Classes From Use-cases Using X-Text
Ankit Chouhan (P12CO016) An Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Approach to Privacy Preserving Distributed K-Means Clustering
Dharmen Punjani (P11CO033) Privacy Preserving Distributed Clustering in Semi-honest Model using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Sonar Mitali (P11CO030) Privacy Preserving Distributed K-Means Clustering in Malicious Adversary Model Using Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme
Rutivj H. Jhaveri (R10CO952) Improving Route Discovery Process in AODV to Prevent Blackhole and Grayhole Attacks in MANETs
Viren J Patel (P10CO970) Distributed Privacy Preserving K-Means Clustering in Malicious Model Using Zero Knowledge Proof
Jaydip R Mahida (P10CO973) Investigating Approaches for Detecting Similarity in Metamorphic Malware Using Frequency of API Function Calls
Vivek Patel (P09CO952) Design and Implementation of Lightweight User Authentication Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network
Sweta Garasia (P09CO970) Design and Implementation of Privacy Preserving Clustering Algorithm Based on Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme
Pushpak Raval (P09CO974) Design and Implementation of Reconstruction Based Approach for Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining
Dharmishtha Chaudhari (P08CO971) Regional Movement Based Hierarchical Location Scheme For Personal Communication Services
Kiran Bhagiya (P08CO954) Implementing Mobile Phone As a Multi-purpose Controller Using 3D Sensor Technology
Paritosh Golder (P08CO979) Combination of Signature based and Behaviour based Malware Detection